It seems as if Covid has been with the world’s population for years.   Covid infections have undergone several mutations (this is what viruses do when efforts to eradicate them are used) and multiple comebacks in virulence causing administrators in business and governments throughout the world to vacillate on how best to protect as many people as possible.  

Asian and Pacific Islanders represent over 30 ethnicities encompassing a wide range of diversity in languages, culture, religion and socio-economic status. Over 25,000 JPMorgan Chase employees in the United States self-identify as Asian or Pacific Islander and about 16 % of the company’s employee base are a part of the community.  

There are many benefits that come along with self-employment and running your own business; you make your own work schedule, you’re passionate about what you do, and you’re in full control—just to name a few. One benefit that may be few and far in between in self-employment, however, is benefits.

This year’s Academy Awards Ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, was held at Union Station in Los Angeles, CA.  It is a 93 year old tradition that honors the best of films in various award categories.  Due to the Pandemic, the event was live with notable precautions enforced to keep guests and presenters safe. Although viewership was significantly down to an...

We have all heard this many times over – the world is more connected than ever, and business does not know boundaries anymore. Policies might slow down trade temporarily, but the ultimate goal of every company is to expand and continuously discover new consumers for their products and services.