Dec 2020 - Practical Business Development and Capture Tips

• Establishing an effective Business Development Process.
• Running an effective pipeline review.
• What happens between lead identification and RFP release?
• Tips on effective Capture.

Date: December 4, 2020

Time: 12 PM (EST)


Eric Gregory, CPP APMP Fellow

Executive Consultant & Advisor

Shipley Associates


Reena Bhatia

Chief Executive Officer

ProposalHelper & BidExecs

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Nov 2020 - Conformity is not the answer. It is the enemy – How to design powerful brand experiences that stand apart in a sea of similarity.

Across organizations and industries, brands are beginning to look, feel, and sound more homogeneous and predictable than ever. The trends towards responsive design and standard themes introduce enormous efficiencies, but with those efficiencies there comes a creative cost: a certain uniformity of look and feel. So, how can organizations use design to stand out in saturated markets?

Date and Time: November 20, 2020. 12:00 PM (EST)

Speaker: Dharma Pachner – Founder + Director at Contrast & Co.

Moderator: Ken Fang – President at Mobomo, LLC

Host: Reena Bhatia – CEO at ProposalHelper & BidExecs

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Oct 2020 - Planning during a Continuing Resolution (CR) and “Ask the CO”
  • What does Continuing Resolution mean for the Agency and for the Contractors?
  • Effective Growth Strategy – how to plan during a CR?
  • How to read the agency’s forecasts – what to do with them?
  • Open Mic – Ask the CO your burning questions on anything related to procurement – from marketing to the CO to the role of CO during and after proposal evaluation and submission. Submit questions early!

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Aug 2020 - Mission Matters

This session will dive into the five key considerations for your indirect rate strategy:

1. Do you know your market and how your rates compare?
2. Do your rates align with your current and future business goals?
3. Have you thought of accounting for certain costs in different ways?
4. When do you need a value-added G&A base?

When done correctly, pricing and discounting strategies can still result in profit.

Speaker: Donna Dominguez, Director in Aronson LLC’s Government Contract Services Group
Moderator: Pallabi Saboo, Chief Executive Officer for Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC.
Host: Reena Bhatia, CEO of ProposalHelper & BidExecs

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