It seems as if Covid has been with the world’s population for years.   Covid infections have undergone several mutations (this is what viruses do when efforts to eradicate them are used) and multiple comebacks in virulence causing administrators in business and governments throughout the world to vacillate on how best to protect as many people as possible.  

Mixed into the Covid pandemic puzzle has been politics and much conflicting research.    Nevertheless, there are relatively simple answers supporting predictable Covid protection.

First, what is known:

  • Vaccines vary in their effectiveness at preventing or mitigating Covid infections
  • Many people have gotten infected after being “fully” vaccinated
  • Most masks do not stop the Covid virus from entering our bodies especially when you remove the mask to eat.   The best mask (not a complete solution) is the N 95 mask
  • Everyone will eventually get infected.   Most people play host to multiple viruses including Epstein Barr, herpes and Cytomegalovirus.   Herd immunity will eventually occur
  • The people who have serious, life threatening Covid infections have other health, immune system and respiratory system compromises
  • Many suffer long Covid health challenges with or without the vaccinations.   Long Covid needs additional treatments
  • One Covid infection does not protect from future infections.  Many people get infected multiple times

The above has been observed over the past several years by me, other researchers and astute clinicians.

These observations do not speak against wearing masks or vaccinations.   Both help but come with several caveats for several potential health damages and for many, a false sense of safety.    

That being said there are highly effective and simple answers to prevent Covid infections, a positive viral exposure or to mitigate long Covid.

Solid research, personal experience and historical observations have revealed both practical answers and the simple tools to protect each of us.

  1.   Viral entry points-   The Covid virus enters only through the nose, mouth and eyes.     I recommend Hypochlor eye spray, an essential oil nasal / sinus cleanse and an antimicrobial mouth rinse with deep gargling.   

These should be prophylactically used 3-4 times per day and immediately after social interactions

  1.   Reinforce your microbiome- good gut bacteria- with supplements, fermented vegetables (e.g. Sauerkraut) or Kambucha.   Your microbiome is critical for your immunity.   I personally eat one spoonful of Sauerkraut AM and PM
  2.    Vitamin D3 / K2 combination plus Magnesium which makes D3 more effective.   Use higher levels of D3 / K2 to increase your immunity (5-10,000 IU per day)
  3.    Nutrition-   decrease sugar and carbohydrate intake, stop snacking and only have 2-3 meals per day.   Continual snaking raises insulin and lowers immunity. Lots of water
  4.    7+ hours of restful sleep
  5.    Decrease stress where possible
  6.    Wash hands especially after being outside

Covid will always be with us in varying forms.   The above simple preventive program can be combined with mask use and vaccinations but is also highly effective as a stand-alone program.

The above recommendations are not a full guarantee of Covid prevention but are a simple program that offers the best chance for viral infection avoidance.   

To best protect yourself these measures must be followed consistently.  Nine months ago I became Covid + because I stopped these preventive measures for four days while traveling.   It was a wakeup call along with a great learning experience.

Remember to Enjoy the Journey.

Author: Dr. Bob